Do you feel that :- 

  • Students are less motivated for studies?
  • They are easily distracted and have poor concentration during studies?
  • They get easily tired during academic schedules?
  • As parents or teachers you are always apprehensive about their results?
  • They are poorly organised about their academic performance?
  • They are confused about their career?
  • They are always performing below their potentials? Have various phobias and anxieties about examination and future?
  • Their memory for studies is declining?
  • Are they showing slowness in learning?
  • Whether a child has learning disability or dyslexia?
  • They are showing emotional disturbances of adolescent age?
  • They need special training in specific academic areas like Mathematics, Language or social sciences?

If you feel deeply about the truth in the above problems we have a 

multi-modal and effective plan under DISHA.

The programme intends to divide the students into 3 groups on standardised psychological testing.

Group I

Extraordinary skills with ability to perform for good and excellent results. They can be trained to improve and to avoid any decline during examination stress. We ensure to enhance their marks in the board examination for higher positions.

Group II 

Moderate/ Average group who can perform to get average marks. The form the bigger group of the school. Disha guides them to ensure success and enhance their abilities in memory, concentration and exam skills.

Group III

Below average group of students, who create apprehension for parents, teachers and the school by their inconsistent results, Disha identifies the problem areas of these students and guides them to perform successfully. This will change the global academic scenario of the school and society. The results are real turn around providing an advantage for the students and the school equally.

Hence DISHA will focus on Mind programming of the students above VIII standard to :-

  • Trigger Self-Motivation
  • Improve Mind – Concentration
  • Shape Memory – Retention power
  • Make education Stress free
  • Impart Success Oriented Attitude
  • Stimulate Creative thinking
  • Help to give Direction towards Successful Career and Life.

Our association through DISHA will bring a positive change in the academic arena and our society in general.