Manolaksha Dec 30,2021

For sport person regarding mental fitness for higher performance Transformed 3 local sportsmen into National Champions. Counseled Indian Cricket Team in 2003

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School Mental Health Program Feb 20,2022
School Mental Health Program


It is of utmost concern today to maintain the mental wellbeing and prosperity of families and the society

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Disha Program Feb 27,2022
Disha Program

Do you feel that :- 

  • Students are less motivated for studies?
  • They are easily distracted and have poor concentration during studies?
  • They get easily tired dur
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Manthan Program Feb 09,2022
Manthan Program

Are you bothered by…

  • Why today the children are different?
  • Why your child disobey
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Manojyoti Feb 09,2022

Bereavement and grief management for care-taker and patients with end of life stage diseases like cancer. CIBS was part of First Renal Transplant of Central India.

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Manosmruti Dec 15,2021

Manosmruti is an arm of our Geriatric Memory Clinic that reaches the society for awareness, early identification , prevention and therapeutic interventions for dementia. It started in 2004 and got

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SOAHM Nov 24,2021

Mrs. Madhumita Kshirsagaris a Remedial Therapist at CIBS and handles the RemedialEducation Program working extensively with children having Learning Difficulties and s

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Digital Care Program Dec 01,2023
Digital Care Program

AI assisted Dementia Care : A solution that provides  comprehensive recovery  and upgrades culture of care 

The Problem: 

As we

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Manodhara Dec 30,2021

A comprehensive program for Quality of life in patients with heart diseases, diabetes, and other psycho-somatic illnesses.

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Manodaya Feb 03,2022

CIBS started this program to support the national policy on  sex education, couple therapy, pregnancy education and one year infant care, in collaboration with th

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