Manosmruti Dec 15,2021

Manosmruti is an arm of our Geriatric Memory Clinic that reaches the society for awareness, early identification , prevention and therapeutic interventions for dementia. It started in 2004 and got organized under GMCRC in2007 with more clinical and research support. 

With collaborations and support of various NGOs and senior citizen groups we were able to reach 45000 people in central India by 2015. This included awareness building as well as screening and early identification. We were able to identify 3400 persons with memory loss and 1200 of them were suffering from Early stages of Dementia. The families of the affected were informed, educated and motivated to evoke the care program in the earlier course of the illness. 

Under GMCRC the team conducted the scientific studies and participated in the National Conference of the Geriatric Society of India where three scientific papers were presented on Manosmruti experience. 

In 2015 Dr Shailesh Pangaonkar received the National Oration Award for his work on Geriatric Memory care and Manosmruti program. 

In 2016 Dr Shailesh Pangaonkar received the Common Wealth Commission Scholarship to undertake advanced studies from Sterling University UK on Dementia.