Dr. Deepali Pangaonkar

Dr. Deepali Pangaonkar

Dr. Deepali Pangaonkar is the Joint Director of the institute and has been the founder member. Being a medical graduate she has the authority and acumen to deal with medical conditions associated with mental health. Her specialization in child and adolescent psychology ( MSc, PhD) gave her the edge and proficiency to deal with behavioural problems of children, adolescents and students. She has been conducting workshops on Life Skills and Parenting Skills at CIBS as well as in schools since 2005. She is incharge of the School Mental Health Programs at various schools and she also trains clinical psychologists. She has expertised in family counselling.


1996 GMC, Nagpur University, Nagpur.
M.Sc. (Human Development) 
2005 L.A.D. College, Nagpur University, Nagpur.
PG. Diploma in Human Right 
2009 N.I.H.R. New Delhi.
F.C.E.C.L.D Learning Disability
2010, R.C.I., New Delhi
Ph.D. (Child Psychology)
2015 Nagpur University, Nagpur. 
PG Diploma in Psychiatry & Psycho-sexual Medicine 2017, IndianMedical Association.

Work & Experience

Professional training Experience

Worked as house-officer at Rajawadi Hospital Mumbai. 6 months experience at Mure Memorial Hospital Nagpur. 

Got selected for D.C.H (C.P.S.) and worked under recognized pediatrician for two years

Professional Clinical Experience

Joint Director and Child Psychologist at Central Institute of Behavioural Sciences Tilak Nagar since 2001, Nagpur. 

Consultant for cases related to Child Psychiatry — Mental Retardation, Adolescent crisis, Academic and BehaviouralProblems. 

Supervisory Director for Psychometry.Conducted at Central Institute of Behavioural Sciences. Aptitude, IQ, Personality, and other clinical scales for Anxiety and Depression. 

Active Deputy Director and consultant for projects like MANTHAN, DISHA, at Central Institute of Behavioural Sciences and outdoor programs of CIBS in schools and community

Active advisor for problems of Learning Disability and Scholastic backwardness at Remedial and Diagnostics Care Center at Central Institute of Behavioural Sciences. 

Director and Psychologist for Mood Clinic AD-HD(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) OCD Clinic (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and Memory Clinic (Problems of Dementia and Alzheimer’s). 

Life Skills Education to Madan Gopal High School, Lakshmi Devi Dhiran Kanya Vidhyalaya and Saraswati Vidhyalaya.

Conducting L. S. E camp for children and adolescents for the past 12yrs. 

Delivered talks on problems of adolescents in various schools of Nagpur.

Conducted International drug trials on Dementia, Sleep Disorder, Bipolar Mood Disorder, and Major Depressive Disorder.

Online workshops for Parents, Students, Counsellors, Psychologists and public in general. 

Interviewed 3 times on All India Radio to address problems of women, mental health and inborn behavioral disorders.


1. IPS PRESIDENT AWARD 1997 for Co-authoring Research in Child Psychology.

2. Second in Nagpur University in M.Sc. (Human Development).

Projects /Services

Under Central Institute of Behavioural Sciences 

Manthan: for managing problems of under 13 between parents and children 

Disha: Guiding children to acquire higher quality of life under academic stress, career, and challenges of life. 

SOAHM: A comprehensive program of clinicians, teachers, parents and children providing inputs and training to learning disabled.

Manolaksha: For sports person regarding mental fitness for higher performance. 

Manojyoti: bereavement and grief management for care-takers and patients with last stage kidney diseases and cancer. 

Manodhara: A comprehensive program for Quality of life in patients with heart diseases, diabetes, and other psycho-somatic illnesses

Manodaya: For sex education, couple therapy, pregnancy education, one year infant care 

Gurutva: For Teachers to develop special skills of handling class room problems.