Dr.Shailesh Pangaonkar

Dr.Shailesh Pangaonkar

Dr Shailesh Pangaonkar has been working as the Director and Consultant Psychiatrist of the institute for last two decades. In fact he is the founder of this institute with a mission to serve the mental health of the society. With his ability to integrate psychiatry, mental health, culture and spirituality he has served children, adults and senior citizens for their recovery and reintegration. He has addressed almost all issues of distress, discomfort and diseases prevalent in society. His outreach programs like Geriatric Memory Clinic, School Mental Health Program and Self Help Groups in Schizophrenia, Autism, Learning Disability and Dementia have helped in early identification, intervention and also in prevention of many conditions. 


Diplomate of National Board 
1997 National Board of Education (Min. of Health &Family Welfare), New Delhi
Diploma in Psychological Medicine (DPM) 
1996 KEM, Mumbai University, Mumbai
Trained under WHO – De-addiction Center of Excellence at KEM, Mumbai in 1995 – 1996
1994 MGIMS, Nagpur University, Nagpur
BA (Psychology) 
1994 Nagpur University, Nagpur
Trained in Child and Adolescence Psychiatry under World Psychiatric Association 2005
Commonwealth Commission Scholarship 2016 for Higher Studies in Dementia at UK
MSc ( Dementia ) University of Sterling , UK

Work & Experience

Professional Experience

Director& Consultant Psychiatrist Nov. 2000 - ongoing 

Central Institute of Behavioural Sciences, Nagpur

Consultant Psychiatrist Jan. 1999 -2001

Rainbow Medinova Diagnostic Center

Consultant Psychiatrist Jan. 1998 - 2002

Mure Memorial Hospital Nagpur

Faculty for ICD-XI development team :WHO

Facultyposition held at

Judiciary Officers Training Institute (JOTI)

National Academy of  Defense  Productions 

Nagpur University: As Faculty Trainer to staff


Projects /Services

In OPD of Central Institute of Behavioural Sciences  

  • Consultation & Counseling: Since 2001
  • More than 1,00,000 patients treated
  • Child & Adolescent patients more than 25000 treated
  • Senior citizens more than 7500treated

Professional Affiliations and Memberships

  • International Fellow: American Psychiatric Association. No.- 1101824
  • Life Fellow Geriatric Society of India No. - L-1087
  • Scientific Chairman for Geriatric Society of India (National).
  • Life Fellow of Indian Psychiatric Society. No.- 16105
  • International Member: Association of American Geriatric Psychiatry. No. – 20493
  • Life Member: Indian Medical Association
  • Member of Academy of Medical Sciences (IMA), Nagpur 
  • Founder President of International Academy of Sleep Medicine. 
  • Organizing Scientific Chairman of The Commonwealth Association for Health And Disability
  • HRD panelist at L&T, WCL, Raymond’s and NADP 
  • Sports guide for Dolphin club, Aqua, VCA, Nagpur
  • Member of Cell against Sexual Harassment and gender discrimination, Nagpur University
  • Organizing chairman for 6th International Sleep Conference 2011
  • International forum of Cognitive Disability in Autism. 
  • Consultant for De-addiction Rehabilitation center (Maitree and Navchaitanya), Nagpur National and International Conferences
  •  35 National Conferences attended
  • 24 International Conferences attended. Countries visited include USA, China, Bangladesh,Turkey, Egypt, UAE, S. Korea, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Germany, Spain, Canada andDenmark.
  • Attended International conference on Cognitive Decline in Mumbai.
  • Disability Workshop for Common Wealth Organization at Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • Delivered 25 Scientific Seminars for Psychiatrist, and other medical specialties. Nationally and Internationally
  • World Psychiatric Association Training Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.
  • International Presentation- World Psychiatrist Association, Spain-2014-15  

 Scientific Achievements

  • Guest Lectures -1020
  • Oral Presentations - 110
  • Published 18 Research papers in International Journals
  • Conducted 10 National level workshop
  • Conducted 15 Seminars till date
  • Poster Presentations -3 National & International 
  • Granted Patents -3


  • University of  Pennsylvania –USA
  • University of Cambridge –UK
  • Judiciary Officers Training Institute (JOTI)
  • National Academy of  Defense  Productions
  • AACCI , New Delhi Life Skills Educations

Community Services 


Conducted programs in various branches of IMA

  • Nagpur –22
  • Katol  –2
  • Bhandara  –1
  • Gondia – 2
  • Yeotmal –1
  • Bramhapuri –3
  • Khamgao  –2
  • Amravati  –4
  • Chandrapur  –5
  • Akola  –1
  • Buldhana   –1
  • 2200 – 2500 Doctors trained throughIMA programs 
  • Understanding adolescents at IMA hall in Nagpur.
  • Suicide prevention for adolescents at IMA hall in Nagpur.
  • Lecture on parenting at IMA hall in Khamgaon.
  • Lecture on Depression at IMA hall in Katol.
  • Lecture on Stress Management for Doctor at IMA hall in Amravati.

Delivered 2000 public lectures for 120000 people in India. Population covered include Parents, Teachers, Students, Children, Sports  persons, Coaches, Senior citizens, Women folk, Actors, Patients, Couples,  Dieticians, Alcoholics, Executives, Managers. 

Covered areas like TV hazards, Academic problems , Concentration and  memory problems, Performance Anxiety, Marital harmony, Emotional  Intelligence, Stress Management, Quality of Life, Yoga and Spiritual  Sciences, Meditation and Life matters, Conflict resolution, Creative. Teaching, Parenting skills, Diet and life, Globalization and self, Sports Psychology, Mental Fitness, Caring the mentally sick, Sex Education, School Mental health, Disease and coping with it, Problems of Hostellers and tips for the Warden, Life Skill Education, Bipolar Mood Disorder and Sleep Disorder

Has conducted 30 workshops (Motivation, Goal setting, Quality of Life, Stress Management, Exam phobia, Personality Development, Hypnotherapy, Understanding Adolescence, LSE Master Trainers program), 6 Training programs (Diet counseling, Child Psychology, Learning Disability, Hypnosis)

Has conducted 70 camps (Headache, Epilepsy, Sexual dysfunction, Parenting, Couples, IQ, EQ, Learning Techniques, Life Skill Education, Dementia and Sleep Disorder, Autism)

Successfully run a School for Parenting and guided 2100 parents of adolescents.

All India Radio: 144 talks on various issues of Mental Health, Sports child adolescents. All India Radio broadcasted Dr. Shailesh Pangaonkar`s talk on sports - 13 episode serial on sports psychology. For the young generation - how to improve concentration.

T.V.- 36 times interviewed on psychological cause or impact of various social events

Various Articles and Interviews featured in National and Local news papers /dailies with topics like Children with Academic problem, Suicide psychology and Indian cricket, Stress management for Executives, Crisis management, Media –its role in Awareness building, Role of Yoga in Mental health, Teacher-role in managing future threats, School Environment as facilitator of Socialization. Parenting, Diet and personality, Dementia, Spiritually and Science, Srimad Bhagwat Puran (The Science of Healing Mind), Hazards of TV: Effect on growing Brain.

‘Mann’: 25 social awareness programs for Mental Health through infotainment pan India

Delivered 25 Scientific Seminars for Psychiatrist, and other medical specialties- Nationally and Internationally 

Dr. Shailesh Pangaonkar had also counseled one of the members of Indian Cricket team.

Lecture on parenting at Paranjape, Tata Parsi girls Highschool, Gayatri ConventNarayana VidyalayamNagpur and Chandrapur.

Life Skill Education Conducted:

  • For teachers and students of Madan Gopal Agarwal High School and Dhiran Kanya Vidyalaya, Saraswati Vidhyalayain Nagpur.
  • For adolescents and parents at Central Institute of Behavioural Sciences in Nagpur.
  • For new officers and Emotional Intelligence and Stress Management for National Academy of Defence Production, Ambazari, Nagpur.
  • For parents of Autistic Children at Central Institute of Behavioural Sciences in Nagpur. 

Conducted workshops on Autism and other topics in special schools like SandnyaSanwardhanSanstha ,Sanmvedana, Jeevoday, Mayflower School and Sweekar

Delivered various lectures in colleges like VNIT, LMC, IGMC, GMC

Conducted  Workshop on side-effects of Psychotopics at WZ – CME, Pune.

International workshop on Autism through Indian Psychology (Srimad Bhagwat).

Invited by Rotary Club & Lions Club Nagpur as guest speaker on stress management, quality of life etc

Invited by Yugantar Education Society for Music Therapy in Mental Health

Manthan: For managing problems of under 13 between parents and children 

Established in 2001 has been attended by 3500 students

Disha: Guiding children to acquire higher quality of life under academic stress, career, and challenges of life.  School Mental Health Program for uplifting the Mental Health of Teachers, Parents and Students.

Established in 2003, till date attended by more than 4500 adolescents.

O `Connors impact factor of services (Disha & Manthan): Prevented definite 52 suicides and 206 probable suicides of adolescents

SOAHM: A comprehensive program for clinicians, teachers, parents and children needing

 inputs and training on learning disability.

38 students have been given guidance for 10th and 12th   board exams and certified for Learning Disability

Manolaksha: For sports person regarding mental fitness for higher performance

Transformed 3 local sportsmen into National Champions. Counseled Indian Cricket Team 2003.

Manojyoti: Bereavement and grief management for care-taker and patients with end stage 

kidney diseases and cancer 

Part of First Renal Transplant of Central India.

Manodhara: A comprehensive program for Quality of life in patients with heart diseases, diabetes, and other psycho-somatic illnesses.

Manodaya: For sex education, couple therapy, pregnancy education, one year infant care. 

Reached 312 couples prevented 112 divorces 

Gurutva: For Teachers to develop special skills of handling class room problems

460 Teachers have been trained for self management in School Mental Health Program.

School Mental Health Program: This program has been administered in 9 School in Nagpur 

Dr. ShaileshPangaonkar Director of Central Institute of Behavioural Sciences is uplifting quality of life of people of Sharjah and Dubai. By introducing School Mental Health Program in schools of Sharjah and Dubai like West Minister and Our Own English School. Students, parents and Teachers are screened on various standard psychological tools and guided for perfect team work.