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Awards and Collaborations

IPS President Award 1998 in the field of Child Psychology

Out Standing Young Indian (TOYI) Award by National Junior

Counselled Indian Cricket team At Nagpur in 2003

Transformed 3 local players to National Champions

IMA – First prize for debate on Euthanasia.

Central Institute of Behavoural Sciences is an Institute, developed by like minded experts of the field of Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology, Education and Management. When things are moving at a rapid pace seldom we notice the wear and tear of our coping strengths. The problems observed by the visionaries of the society reveal plight of common man. One who is experiencing the burden of marriage, parenting profession and social image needs guidance through technical hands? To burden-off the common man and society In general we formulated a simple concept in Quality .of life. The CIBS is the care taking hand of this project, launched in 2000 and officiated on the Children’s Day i.e. 14th Nov 2001. In last 2 years of its infantile age, it can boast itself as a stable NGO. This self sustaining organization has created ripples in the society through its, vision service to masses. All the associates of CIBS by their missionary temperaments have yielded a unique way of providing their services to common man. This super­human task was achieved in first 2 years itself. The institute is providing support to the mental health which is the backbone of our society. It is working towards mental health for all and preventing disease of life style like Heart disease, Diabetes, Asthma, Kidney failure etc.. It has been proved successful in launching projects for child care and preventing behavioural problems among children.

With its consistent efforts, it has achieved various accolades and awards in the field of Behavioural Sciences. Some of them are mentioned below.

Scientific Achievements
  • Guest Lectures -1020
  • Oral Presentations – 110
  • Published 18 Research papers in International Journals
  • Conducted 10 National level workshop
  • Conducted 15 Seminars till date
  • Poster Presentations -3 National & International
  • Granted Patents -3
Awards Received
  • IPS PRESIDENT AWARD 1997 for Research on Child Psychology
  • Out Standing Young Indian (TOYI) Award by National Junior
  • Chamber 2002 for Leadership In Child Development
  • KTL Mangalmurty Oration 2003 for Leadership in Sports Psychology
  • National Oration for Obs-Gynae Society Nagpur 2001 on Infertility
  • Counseled Indian Cricket team At Nagpur in 2003
  • Transformed 3 local players to National Champions
  • Visiting Consultant: SMC: Sharjah and Dubai.
  • IMA – First prize for debate on Euthanasia.
  • University of Pennsylvania –USA
  • University of Cambridge –UK
  • Judiciary Officers Training Institute (JOTI)
  • National Academy of Defense  Productions
  • AACCI , New Delhi Life Skills Educations
  • Geriatric Society of India
  • AACCI – Delhi – Dr. Swati Bhave
  • IRIS – Chennai – Mythili Khan
  • Easter Medical Center – New York – Dr. Ram Shrivastav
  • SMC – Sharjah, UAE
  • Dr. Diane Powell – USA
  • Dept. of Physical Education Nagpur Unversity – Dr. Bhalerao
  • Adult Education, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan – Dr. Jaimala Dumare – Nagpur University
  • Sharayu Chaoji
  • Datasole – Dr. Atul Kulkarni – Nagpur, India
  • Anshu System – Mr. Nandan Vernerkar Nagpur (India)
  • Ruturaj (MANN) – Mugdha Tapas – Nagpur (India)
  • Maitree – Rehabilation Center – Dr. Ravi Padhye – Nagpur (India)
  • Computer 4 You – Hardware Development – Mr. Shashank Joshi – Nagpur (India)
  • ZSoftware – Software Development – Mr. Akshay Zadgaonkar – Nagpur