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Manosmruti ( The Neurocognitive Laboratory)

The neurocognitive laboratory at the Central Institute of Behavioural Sciences is dedicated to the study and remediation/ rehabilitation of cognitive deficits in adults and children. Cognitive rehabilitation is an evidence based systematic treatment designed to improve cognitive performance. It is an important component of neurorehabilitation and the techniques used are aimed at improving cognitive flexibility and memory in normal and subnormal population.

Who needs it

Cognitive decline and impairment is a prominent feature of many disorders for people suffering with:
● Schizophrenia
● Depression
● Dementia
● Alzheimer’s disease
● Parkinson’s disease
● Autism Spectrum Disorder
● Multiple Sclerosis
● Diabetes
● Lupus

Approach for Rehabilitation

Approach of the laboratory / Services to prevent age related cognitive decline for patients recovering from brain surgeries, traumas and infections is:

● Clinical Assessment using evidence based rating scales like Mini Mental State Examination, Addenbrooke’s cognitive examination, ADAS- cog, ADL/ IADL and computerized neurocognitive testing using state of the art tools like CANTAB Research Suite, UK. and PennCNP, computerized neuropsychological battery, USA and Cog test Clinical Battery, USA.

Central Institute of Behavioral Sciences has collaborated with University of Cambridge, UK and University of Pennsylvania, USA as research collaborators for research on neurocognition.

● Customised Training Program- Tailor-made individualised and group therapies, institute based and home based programs and brain gym.

● Post assessment / follow-up and outcomes- measures progress /changes for further intervention and disposition needs.

● Research and scientific studies


Miss. Simki Dey

Head  of the Department