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Department of Developmental Therapy

The department of developmental therapy is headed by Mrs. Pravina S. Raut (B.Com, Diploma in Special Education and Bridge course on ASD, ADHD, and speech and language therapy). She has a rich experience of 20+ years in the field and has handled over 500 children with Intellectual disability, 200+ children with autism and 200+ children with cerebral palsy and related problems. Her team consists of special educators, mental health workers and interns.


The main aim of the department is to help a large number of people affected by mental and other developmental disabilities to achieve their maximum potential and preparing them to merge in the mainstream. The objective of this department is

  • Assessment
  • Solving the problem through systematic therapy
  • Formatting individual program for every child.
  • Intervention through group therapy to improve social skills.
  • Working with individuals to achieve the set goals.

Services Provided

1. Individualized Education Program for children with Intellectual Disability

2. Special Handling program for ASD, Intellectual Disability, Cerebral Palsy, Developmental        Delays and ADHD.

3. Group Therapies for special children:

    * Play group therapy

    * Pre-vocational Group therapy

4. Vocational training and job placements (Depending on the level)

5. Outdoor activities (for borderline and slow learner student)

6. Educational tour (Transfer of Learning)

7. Special Counselling, psychoeducation and motivation for parents

8. Home based programs for outstation students

    Tools:-FACP, MDPS, Basic-MR CAR checklist

Department of Developmental Therapy

Mrs. Pravina  Raut

Head of The Department